Something about having little kids makes you look over the long horizon. And if you cast your eyes towards that long view in our city, what you’ll find is infrastructure that needs tending to, financial stability that needs shoring up, and space-making that warrants re-imagination. If you turn your gaze back towards today, you’ll find a candidate for mayor working to make sure Newton succeeds for many years to come. Ruthanne Fuller’s kids are grown and on their way, but she is the right mayor for mine.

In the city that neighbors ours, I had the privilege to work for a long time mayor who also took the long view. He always told us, “Government works when your finances work.” He made sure we made no long-term commitments unless they were matched with long term resources. He insisted that we set funds aside so that we could live up to the retirement and healthcare obligations we promised our public servants. I believe Ruthanne has the best financial plan for Newton, so that we can keep our promises to those that have labored for our city and for those that are growing up in it.

I meet mayors from around the world, and what I see in the best of them is the sense that in today’s turmoil there is responsibility, but also opportunity. And this is what I see in Ruthanne. More and more we may need to rely on our local leaders and on each other, and she is the person to bring us together to problem-solve on everything from education to the environment.

My old mayor-boss also said that “Good government is good politics.” But that’s only true if we make it true with our votes. I know where mine is going on November 7: to Ruthanne Fuller, and towards a strong future for Newton.

Mitchell Weiss, Newton