I’m proud to serve as co-chair of Ruthanne Fuller’s campaign to become Newton’s next mayor. During my years in government, I’ve had the privilege of working with some distinguished leaders. Ruthanne is one of them! She is principled and courageous. She has an exciting plan that will improve the quality of life for all of Newton’s residents, just as she’s done so often throughout her career in the non-profit sector, as a citizen activist, and as City Councilor.

I’m particularly proud of her unwavering commitment to our most vulnerable citizens and to working men and women who struggle every day to meet their families’ needs. I have no doubt that as Mayor, she will place particular emphasis on the challenges faced by the women and men who teach our children and grandchildren as well as our first responders who keep all of Newton’s families safe and well-protected.

Before I was elected State Treasurer in 2010, I had the privilege of leading a fourth-generation family business that’s been a union shop since 1952. The company has never had a strike or a single matter go to arbitration. Our family’s principles are Ruthanne Fuller’s principles: a level playing field for working people, inclusive prosperity, and a community that is welcoming to all regardless of socio-economic status.

There’s an old saying: managers do things right but leaders do the right thing. As our next Mayor, Ruthanne will always do the right thing, listen carefully, and lead Newton’s residents with distinction.

Steve Grossman