As former Presidents of what is now the City Council of Newton, we enthusiastically support Councilor Ruthanne Fuller for Mayor of Newton. Ruthanne brings extensive experience as a neighborhood activist, as an advisor on City finances, and as a four-term member of the City Council. Based on our work with her over many years, she has demonstrated respect for differing points of view, a willingness to do her homework, and a concern for the welfare of individual citizens she meets.

When I, Verne Vance, decided to retire from the then Board of Aldermen in 2009, Ruthanne was my choice to succeed me, as I saw first-hand how effective her leadership was of our neighborhood association. Indeed, judging by her work on the Council, I feel most humbly that I did Newton a favor by standing aside in favor of such an able public servant.

I, Lisle Baker, had also been personally familiar with Ruthanne’s neighborhood leadership and her extensive management background. When, as President of the Board of Aldermen, I was seeking the best talent to analyze and recommend a sound path forward for Newton’s finances, Ruthanne volunteered to serve as Vice-Chair with Malcolm Salter on the Citizen Advisory Group. Together they led a distinguished panel of people that produced a detailed, credible, and realistic long-range financial plan for Newton.

I, Brooke Lipsitt, as a former President of the Board of Aldermen, have followed Ruthanne’s achievements as a City Councilor and admired her ability to bring together elected officials, City staff and citizens in collaborative efforts. For example, her careful, detailed work has resulted in plans to finance needed work on water and sewer systems, roads and bridges.

While we have seen Ruthanne at work from three different perspectives, we agree that she has what it takes to lead Newton toward important goals for our community: diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, and a City that cares about both the education of its young people and the challenges facing our seniors.

Based on our experience with her intelligence, her concern for other people, and willingness to listen as well as to lead, we are proud to support Ruthanne Fuller as the next Mayor of Newton, and we urge you to join us in voting for her on November 7.

Verne Vance, Lisle Baker and Brooke Lipsitt
Former Presidents of the Newton Board of Aldermen (now City Council)