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Newton needs a clear plan for getting things done, and getting them done right.

Ruthanne Fuller is the thirty-first Mayor of the City of Newton and the first woman Mayor in Newton’s history. She was sworn into office on January 1, 2018.

As Mayor, Ruthanne prioritizes making our schools the best in Massachusetts, modernizing city infrastructure like roads and sidewalks, strengthening our neighborhoods and villages, and leading Newton through the twin COVID-19 health and economic crises. Ruthanne cares deeply about making sure Newton is a city where we respect people with different opinions and stays true to being a city that is welcoming, inclusive, and diverse. 



Great schools are the cornerstone of Newton's success, and we must continue to invest in our kids, support our teachers, and rebuild our school facilities. Newton schools are among the best in the region. By prioritizing investments in public education, we can have THE top schools in Massachusetts.

Infrastructure & Transportation

The condition of Newton’s roads, school & municipal buildings, and parks & playgrounds are important to our daily quality of life. Sewer/water/stormwater systems, IT, city vehicles and equipment keep our city running. Let’s invest wisely and prioritize preventative maintenance. Let’s ease traffic congestion by making Newton safer for bikers and pedestrians, using smart traffic lights in well-designed intersections, and advocating for better T service.

Neighborhoods & Village Centers

From our 13 unique village centers, numerous commercial corridors, and residential neighborhoods, Newton has a diverse range of community landscapes. Let’s preserve the character of our residential areas and improve our village centers, while understanding there should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Through proactive planning and effective zoning, we can make Newton more livable, walkable, and vibrant.

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Campaign Updates

Mayor-Elect Ruthanne Fuller is pleased to announce the formation of the Transition Team.  A three-member Executive Committee of co-chairs Sarah Ecker, Gloria Gavris, and Aaron Goldman and thirty-four committee members will assist the Mayor-Elect as she prepares to become Mayor…

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By Andy Levin, NewtonTAB – Ruthanne Fuller made history Tuesday night, becoming the first woman elected mayor of Newton in a nail-biter victory over Scott Lennon. Fuller, a city councilor at-large from Ward 7, defeated Lennon, the City Council president,…

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“Newton Democratic Party Co-Chair Shawn Fitzgibbons and City Councilors Vicki Danberg and Ted Hess-Mahan endorsed Fuller, Fuller announced.” Read more in the Patch here.

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As Mayor, I will work collaboratively with you to ensure our schools continue to thrive, our streets are fixed and infrastructure updated, all while supporting livable neighborhoods and thriving village centers. Together, let's make sure Newton is a city where everyone has a voice.

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